4. Timetable

In the next table most relevant dates related to the pogramme are described

Admission & EnrolmentApplication procedure information1st October
Application submission deadline15th January
Selection process                   January – February
Informal notification to candidates on selection process results15 – 31 March.
Official decision on Masters’ accepted studentsEnd May
Start of enrolment         1st June
Deadline for confirmation on scholarship acceptance20th June
Deadline for completing enrolment documentation30th June
Confirmation of acceptance deadline for students from the reserve list1st July
Deadline for completing enrolment documentation for students from the reserve list15th July
End of enrolment31st July
NOTE: Admission process will be started the previous year to the commencement of studies. Selection process and Decision will be done the same year of the commencement of studies.
Academic1st Term: Core elements of disasters at University of Oviedo (30 ECTS)September – January
2nd Term: Public Health response to disasters at KI (30 ECTS) InternshipsJanuary – June
3rd Term: Epidemiological and Public Health research in disasters at UNIC (30 ECTS)September – January
Master Thesis (30 ECTS)January – June
Master Thesis defence (ALL)July
NOTE: IAB and Consortium Annual meetings will be held during the Introductory Course dates.

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