Anneli Eriksson works as a research specialist at the research group Global Disaster Medicine – Health Needs and Response at KI.
She has a PhD in Global Health and Disaster Medicine. Anneli conducts and coordinates research and develops and coordinates courses in global disaster medicine, health needs and response.
Anneli’s research focuses on ways to predict and measure severity and needs in different disasters and on health consequences of armed conflicts.
Anneli is a registered nurse specialised in anesthesia care. In 1995 Anneli started to work with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and has since then had several positions in field-missions in various countries, most recently in Uganda during the Ebola outbreak in 2022.
For three years Anneli performed and coordinated evaluations of MSF’s humanitarian work in various settings, while she also developed and managed an evaluation unit for MSF’s operational center in Brussels.

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