Johan von Schreeb is a Professor in Global Disaster Medicine at the Department of Global Public Health and  the director for the Centre for Health Crises and research group leader for the group Global Disaster Medicine – Health Needs and Response

JvS is a specialist in general surgery specialised in global disaster medicine

Research description
The reserach aims at providing scientific evidence to support improvements in assisting peopl and populations affected by disasters worldwide. The reserach explores how health needs and risks vary depending on type of disaster and context. The studies also include optimal use of trauma care with limited resources and predictions models for early trauma mortality.

Teaching portfolio
The centre for reserach on health care in disasters runs severeal courses that focuses on managing significant number of disaster affected including management of injuries. The courses cover both clinical and public aspects of disasters using limited resources. The courses include the Erasmus Mundud course “public health in disasters”, A 20 ECT course “public health reponse in disasters” a two week elective course in “disasters medicine” for medical students

Academic honors, awards and prizes
-Awarded Swede of the year 2014 by the news magazine Fokus
-Awardes the Prins Carl medal by the Swedish King in 2014 for outstanding humanitarian work